CTPR 409 – FAQ

CTPR-409 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is CTPR-409?

CTPR-409 is a television production class that is associated with Trojan Vision, USC’s on-campus television station. Trojan Vision is student-run, meaning students create the shows, produce them, and provide the directing and hosts. What kind of shows? All kinds of shows: sports, cooking, music, popular culture, and more! Our shows are seen on the on-campus network, on the Internet, and throughout Los Angeles (Channel 36) where over 2 million homes in the center of the world’s entertainment capital receive our programs.

I don’t have any prior production experience, and/or I’m not in the School of Cinematic Arts. Can I still take the class?

Yes! When you sign up for Trojan Vision, we teach you everything you need to know about television production, including running camera, operating an audio booth, creating graphics, and directing. We also teach you everything you need to know about producing a television show: how to prepare rundowns, brief hosts (or host yourself!), conduct talent relations, and book guests. No experience necessary—we teach you everything.

What will I be doing in the class?

CTPR-409 is a lab course, so there’s no theory: just putting television shows on the air. The class is very unique; it does not meet as a group—instead, everyone is put in small production teams that work as a unit to produce their shows. Remember, this is not theory—our shows go on the air for you friends, your family, future employers, and everyone to see. What’s more, the class is student-taught, and Trojan Vision is a student-run television station.

When I go to register for the class, the time says “TBA.” What does this mean?

If you want to enroll in the class, you will notice that the schedule of Web Registration will say “TBA.” This is because Trojan Vision is on the air every day: in the mornings and at night, so you can choose to schedule your involvement around your other class schedules.

 Where can I find the Studio Manual?

Where can I find Trojan Vision?

We have our broadcast studios in the Robert Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts (heard of him? He directed Back to the Future). The building is a short walk from campus, right across the street from the legendary Shrine Auditorium.

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Can this class lead me to more production-related opportunities in the entertainment industry?

Absolutely! Alumni of the class have gone on to intern with Jimmy Kimmel, Kathy Griffin, OWN, EMC Bowery, Atlantic Records, Disney, Focus Features, Freemantle, WME, and many more! As part of the nation’s first and—by far—best cinema school we are situated here at USC in the television capital of the world. Trojan Vision graduates can be found at agencies, film studios, television networks, and places like MTV and ESPN. And, why not? We provide the best training in the world, and a network of graduates who love to help each other professionally.

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