Trojan Vision always needs volunteers to help with live broadcasts, promo shoots, and a wide variety of other shows, all of them constantly need help with both technical and non-technical jobs. We’ll train you to operate professional TV cameras, audio mixers, and other broadcast equipment.

Interested? Fill out our involvement form, here.

*Directing – Set up camera angles, manage a crew, and literally call the shots during our LIVE broadcasts!

*Writing -Let your creative juices flow! Work with one of our existing shows, write your own, or write creative segments and specials with the promotions team.

*Crew -Operate cameras, a sound board, a graphics machine, tape operations, and everything else that goes into making a live broadcast look polished and sending it out to viewers!

*Decide on and keep track of the big picture of your own show or broadcast, then write scripts, find guests, create crew rundowns, shoot segments, and anything else you need to do to make your ideas happen and to see your vision on TV!

*Help design show logos and on-screen graphics, fliers, web content, and more! Create show opens and transitions for shows and special projects– anything that could use some excitement!

*Piece together anything from short promos and segments to full shows using industry-standard software– AVID or Final Cut Pro!

*Think creatively to plan events and contests, utilize social networking, work with clubs on campus, and produce short, fun videos to connect Trojan Vision with the USC campus!

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